Comics on Our Pull List 1/13/10

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It is the second week of new comics of 2010 and we are getting a break from the big events. Instead we are getting new installments of two of Marvels best series right now, Iron Man (#22) and Punisher Max (#3). Famous filmmaker and fellow Jersey native Kevin Smith continues his run on Batman Widening Gyre with issue #4. Darick Robertson, the creator behind the hit series The Boys, takes on everyone’s favorite Cimmerian with a Conan one-shot. And finally, issue #49 of DMZ has a story so monumental that the publisher yanked the cover preview image fearing it might give too much away.

Conan The Cimmerian Weight of Crown One-shot
Living legend Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan, Wolverine) focuses his powerful storytelling talents on Conan-his favorite barbarian hero! In this “adult fable” that Robertson writes AND draws, Conan travels away from Cimmeria to search for a mercenary job that will bring him the fierce joy of battle and the spoils of war. Intrigued by a leader known as the “Mad King of Gaul,” Conan joins a band of brutes who are defending the Aquilonian border from incursions and who enjoy living in a lush valley that the Mad King claims for his own. These warriors soon believe that Conan may be a more fitting successor to their leader than the supposed king’s own son-setting Conan on a potentially disastrous course! Taking place between the Cimmeria and Black Colossus story arcs in the Conan the Cimmerian monthly series

DMZ #49
“Hearts and Minds” 5 of 5. The entire future of the DMZ pivots on this issue, with horrific events unfolding not only for Matty and those close to him, but the city that’s taken him under its wing. It’s an issue so monumental, we had to redact the cover in order to not spoil a single thing…

Batman Widening Gyre #4
As Batman and his mysterious new partner-against-crime successfully tackle the streets of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne’s personal world takes a step to the side as the women in his life force him into an awkward position. Guest-starring Silver St. Cloud, Nightwing, Catwoman and the Outsiders!

Punishermax #3
“KINGPIN,” Part 3 Wilson Fisk’s plot to become Kingpin of New York finally brings him face to face with Frank Castle, as well as drawing in a 97-year-old, shotgun-toting mob widow and a mysterious hitman known only as The Mennonite.

Invincible Iron Man #22
The heart and soul of the Marvel Universe gathered to bring Tony back online…but when they flipped the switch, nothing happened. What do you do when the smartest man in the world is trapped inside his own subconscious? Doctor Donald Blake reaches out for a specialist…Doctor Strange! And meanwhile…the Ghost closes in, ready to assassinate Tony Stark once and for all.