How To Kill A Superhero Franchise In 20 Easy Steps: Spider-Man Edition

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Jan. 5 2010

After a string of unsuccessful rewrites, production on the fourth film is halted and its release date is given to upcoming Disney blockbuster “Thor.” Rumors point to clashes between Raimi and studio heads over the film’s villains as the reason for the hold up.

Dec. 31, 2009

Disney finishes its $4.24 billion purchase of Marvel. Movies already under production at Marvel Films will remain (relatively) untouched by new Disney fingers, but in this case, I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

Dec. 17, 2009

The film is on hold due to spats between Raimi and Sony producers over who should be Spider-Man’s next nemesis. It also comes out that Raimi’s hand was forced on the set of  Spider-Man 3, where he was told to use Venom as the villain, despite the fact that he wanted to use the Vulture.

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November, 2009

Casting rumors run a muck through the blogosphere. Among them:

Anne Hathaway might appear as the Black Cat. Rachel McAddams will appear as the Black Cat. Hell, I even might appear as the Black Cat.

Nov. 6, 2009

Reeve Carney is cast as Peter Parker in the Broadway Musical Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark. He’s in a band I’ve never heard of. I Google them, find their music video and hate them pretty much instantly.


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