Panel of the Week – 1/13/10

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It was a low key Wednesday this week, wasn’t it? The big events were taking a break. Not many story arcs were concluding or kicking off. This does not mean we didn’t get some quality panels out of our haul, though. Starting with our favorite Barbarian learning a valuable lesson about leadership and continuing on with our favorite Bat, Iron, and Spider men here is the Panel of the Week.

Conan the Cimmerian: Weight of the Crown
Darick Robertson, the man behind the hit series “The Boys”, writes and draws one hell of a Conan story. When a normal man’s shorty dies he gets drunk and talks to a therapist. Conan, on the other hand, goes looking for a fight, and then this happens. Then he steals a crown from a dead kings hand. That’s how to bounce back.

Batman #695
Dick Grayson is still finding his way wearing the Cape and Cowl. He’s taken to approaching the title as a role he plays. The role of the Batman, played by Dick Grayson. And what does the god damn Batman do when he needs to extract information? He strikes terror. Best part of the job.

Invincible Iron Man #22
Last issue Tony got zapped by a Thor-brand lightning bolt conducted through Cap’s shield, and he’s still in a coma! In this issue Tony’s friends called in the big gun, Doc Strange. He got right down to business with chalk pictures on the floor AND candles. Given the glacially slow pace of Fraction’s last arc, World’s Most Wanted, I’m starting to fear that Tony won’t wake up until the final panel of this arc, two whole issues from now.

Spider-Man #617
Marvel’s been known to got back to the well now and then. Spider-Man’s latest challenge has been a ‘Gauntlet’ of his greatest hits. In this issue the new Rhino brandishes his horn and scythe thingy. But the real star of the issue is the art of Max Fiumara who draws a very kinetic, almost insect-like, Spidey. Bravo.