Nexus One Price Lowered, Refunds Coming

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As it stands, the Nexus One sells for $529 unlocked or $179 for new T-Mobile subscribers. Existing T-Mobile customers who were eligible for an upgrade and already had existing data plans had to fork over $379 while those without data plans were paying $279. Not very fair, IMO.

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Realizing the error of their ways, Google announced today that all existing T-Mobile customers eligible for an upgrade regardless of previous plans can purchase the Nexus One for $279. Refunds will be issued for those who paid $379. (Click here for our Nexus One specs cheat sheet or for a list of android apps we love.)

“Previously there were two price points for those fully eligible for T-Mobile upgrades. Those without data plans were paying $279 for the Nexus One, and those with data plans were being charged $379. We worked with T-Mobile and are now able to offer the higher upgrade discount to all existing fully eligible T-Mobile subscribers. This price is now $279. Refunds will be granted to all eligible subscribers who previously purchased the Nexus One at $379. This doesn’t affect any eligible customers who bought the phone for $279.”

(via Phone Scoop)