Amazon Increases Royalty Rates for Kindle

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Amazon is stepping up to the Apple plate by announcing that it will introduce a 70% royalty option program to authors and publishers.

Amazon recently announced their Digital Text Program, which it bills as “a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload and format your books for sale in the Kindle Store.”

Is it a coincidence that Apple App developers get the same 70% from the sale of their apps? We think not.

For every Kindle book sold, authors and publishers will receive 70% of the list price. A book that sells for $8.99 would have made $3.15 with the standard option will now make closer to $6.25 with the new option.

Some details:

  • The new royalty option will become avalable June 30, 2010
  • The book’s list price must be between $2.99 and $9.99 and at least 20 percent below the lowest price of the physical edition
  • It has to sell on Amazon for the same price or less
  • The book must be available everywhere the author or publisher has intellectual property rights
  • Only available for books sold in the U.S. (for now at least).

Amazon’s new option is  a smart move and gives authors and publishers more incentive to use their publishing platform and products.

As for me, I’m holding out for the Tablet (my long overdue birthday gift).