Seesmic Look: Twitter Made Easy

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Love it or hate it – Twitter is here to stay. It’s managed to become invaluable for a number of reasons and if you haven’t already jumped on board, well, you’re actually missing out. The speed with which news can be delivered and shared via the social networking site is astounding. Businesses like Dell and Zappos have been thriving, too.

But can only go so far on its own and in some respects, the same can be said for the countless number of desktop apps, like, TweetDeck, Hoot Suite, Tweetie and Twhirl. The basic functionality is there, sure, but it almost feels esoteric and/or antiquated after seeing what Seesmic has done with Look, a new Air-based product released today for Windows.

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Seesmic Look is an entirely different way of looking at and tracking trends, hashtags, favorite celebrities, and news, among other things. Look allows you to focus on certain interests, like, celebrities, entertainment, music, politics, tech, charities, etc. Within each interest, you can dive even deeper into a particular sport and its athletes in a streamlined view that’s real time. Trends can be viewed in real time and as far back as a week. And then there are Channels that serve as a brand’s collective shenanigans compiled into one area. For example, Red Bull’s Channel assembles tweets from its athletes and provides info for upcoming events.

Look allows you to peruse Twitter at whatever level you’re comfortable with. Go as deep or as shallow as you want. The best part of Look has to be the fact that you don’t even need to log into Twitter to use it. But Look isn’t for everyone. Power Users will want to stick with their respective desktop clients because Look doesn’t support multiple accounts, for example. It’s for the layperson, really. Another example of this can be seen when logging into one’s account and seeing an “inbox” rather than @ replies or DMs. But I really, really want this for Mac now. I’m told Look is perfect for tablets and that an iPhone app is coming very soon.

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If you’re reading this right meow (10:00AM ET) then jump on over to Loic Le Meur’s live presentation here.

Download Look here and let us know what you think. (Windows users only)

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