Why Go To Utah? In 2010, Sundance is Streaming

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So the Sundance Film Festival begins today in Utah – and what’s most notable about this year’s festival is the way in which it’s taking to the Internet, striving to give film fans around the world access to the crowded Park City festivities.

All the viral activities this year were so impressive, that I actually wrote this piece for TIME Magazine, about all the different ways that you can enjoy Sundance 2010, from the comfort of your own living room.

Particularly fun: The guest celebrity-driven Twitter feed – to be found here – and the two dozen filmmaker interviews, which you can find here. And then there’s all the live streaming video from Sundance events – like the awards ceremonies – that they plan to post right here. Today, for example, at 4 p.m. EST, you can watch Robert Redford lead the opening day press conference – with the cameras placing you in the same room as all the reporters, who have traveled thousands of miles to cover the festivities. And then, even better: You can go home and watch three Sundance premieres – The Shock Doctrine, Daddy Longlegs, 7 Days – via Sundance Selects on your movies-on-demand cable channel. (More at Techland: The five most underrated sci-fi movie masterpieces)

Really think about it. No airline flights. No hotel bills. No slush to wade through. But you’re probably catching more of the Sundance experience today than most of those people who shelled out the thousands of bucks to get on the mountain.

The future of film festivals is here. Check out the full article about all of Sundance’s online efforts in 2010.

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