Zombie Apocalypse! On a Cable Box Near You!

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Yet another zombie apocalypse day in Hollywood!

News came down late Wednesday that AMC has given the green light to create a pilot of The Walking Dead, an adaptation of the zombie apocalypse graphic novel by Robert Kirkman. (More at Techland: See the top 10 comic books of the decade)

As if that wasn’t exciting enough news, the cable adaptation has already been written by Frank Darabont – you know, the director behind The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist. And this isn’t just going to be a made-for-TV movie or mini-series event, but a complete TV series, looking to compete against the likes of HBO’s True Blood. Darabont has even signed on to direct the pilot, laying the groundwork for a zombie army, marching through episodic TV.

I have to admit: It’s a pretty gutsy decision, to approve a zombie series about survivors traveling the country, seeking out a safe haven. Think of it as The Road, but airing each and every week of a television season. But as we’ve seen with so many other projects like this: No guts, no glory. If you’re going to do something like Dexter or True Blood, you better hire some good people, give them creative control, and let them run wild with their imaginations. (More at Techland: Dark City director reacts to Techland’s five underrated masterpieces)

So here Kirkman comes, brought to you by the same network that has already hit homeruns with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I’m betting The Walking Dead will be pretty damn good.

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