App Club: How’s Your DexIQ?

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Since Lev is out for the next two weeks on book leave, I’ve taken it upon myself to keep App Club going. Is that okay with everyone?

This week’s installment comes from the twisted mind of American McGee, you know, the guy behind American McGee’s Alice and its upcoming sequel among many others. Anyway, McGee’s Spicy Horse has spawned a smaller outfit, Spicy Pony, and they’ve come out with an iPhone game, DexIQ.

It’s a relatively simple game that tests both dexterity and IQ – hence the name DexIQ. It’s a fun little game that only costs $0.99. Despite the graphics, the game is challenging as can be. It makes my brain hurt. That, or, I’m still feeling the effects of this past weekend.

I challenge you, Techland reader, to download the game and post your scores. I’ll beat you. I’ll beat all of you. If I don’t then I’ll send you some free stuff (Blu-ray movies, Xbox 360 games, etc.).

DexIQ (Website)
DexIQ (iTunes link)

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