Techland Roundup: The Daily Dose

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Monday, Jan. 25, 2010

Today in Techland: The Peter Ha has landed. In San Francisco. To see Apple’s new shiny, shiny tablet. Read more about it here and here. We’ve also got podcasts, apps and a disturbing look at the porn career of Spider-Man. Yeah…

Here’s what else going on in nerd news around the Web:

The PS3 Got Hacked. Who Cares? George Hotz, the hacker known for cracking the iPhone has apparently unlocked the PS3. Nothing cool has really come from this.
Wow. A 21-year-old from the UK has broken the record for the largest Pokemon collection in the world with 12,000 pieces of crap the Nintendo franchise.
Wait, Why is HP Launching a Music Service in Europe? MusicStation will be pre-loaded on some of HP’s computers in Europe and will function similarly to Rhapsody. Why? Just why?
Well, That Was Stupid. Disney character-themed DDT infused wallpaper was sold (as seen in this ad) to kill all the bug’s in your baby’s nursery … along with most of your child’s brain cells.
China vs. Google, Round 28. The Google and China face off could end amicably, if China will consider easing up on some of its Internet restrictions.
Now on iTunes! Hey remember this guy? Well, The Mario Kart Love Song is now available on iTunes. Just in time for that Valentine’s Day mix!
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