Yerba Buena Center Gets Dolled Up For Apple [Update]

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And so begins our on the ground coverage of Apple’s upcoming “Latest Creation” event in San Francisco. I just stopped by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and they’re just now starting to set up the exterior. Poked around a little bit but everything is locked up pretty tight. Didn’t see anything on the inside worth taking photos of other than the graphics that are being put up now. I’ll check back in a couple hours to see what progress they’ve made.

Who’s excited? *this guy*

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Live coverage will begin around 9AM PST with the event slated to start at 10AM PST this Wednesday (1/27). We’ll be using a fancy live blog tool to save you the trouble of refreshing to see what’s going on.

Update: I just went and snagged a couple more photos of the YBC, but the rain seems to have halted all progress thus far. At least we can see the almighty Apple. Also, the following interaction just went down between one of the security guards and myself.

YBCsecurity: Stop taking pics.
Me: What?
YBCS: Stop taking pics.
Me: What?
YBCS: Yo. Stopping take pics.
Me: No.
YBCS: *waddles back inside*

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