Comics on Our Pull List – 1/27/10

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What a huge week. I keep this pull list to the top five comics I’m looking forward to but this week picking just five was tough. Cap Reborn number six finally drops and we will find out how Steve defeats the Red Skull in what has come off as a peyote soaked dreamscape fist fight. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl finally go on the offensive in this long awaited 8th issue. The fantastic retelling of Superman’s beginnings continues with Superman: Secret Origin #4. Grant Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin hits issue #7 with the third new artist of the series. Finally, in Walking Dead #69 the survivors finally make it to Washington DC. I’m betting things don’t go well for them.

Captain America Reborn #6
The story so big we needed another issue to finish it! The return of Captain America! The fight for the body and soul and mind of Steve Rogers! Avengers versus the Red Skull and his cronies! The biggest finale of the year is finally here! Brought to you by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice!

Kick-Ass #8
THIS IS IT!!! The final confrontation as KICK-ASS and HIT GIRL test their mettle. Bodies will fly and bad guys will die as the biggest surprise hit super-hero comic of the twenty-first century reaches shocking new heights! Who will live? Who will be morally outraged? MARK MILLAR (WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN) and JOHN ROMITA JR. (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) know the answers — and they hold NOTHING BACK in what’s sure to be the most talked-about single issue of the year!

Superman Secret Origin #4
While everyone wants something from Metropolis’ first Super Hero, Superman must fight his first Super-Villain – someone who wants everything – the Parasite! Meanwhile, Lex Luthor turns his attention toward The Man of Steel… Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue their bold reinterpretation of the origin of The Man of Steel for the 21st Century!

Walking Dead #69
At long last… they arrive. But will things get better… or WORSE?

Batman and Robin #7
Knight, Squire and DETECTIVE COMICS’ Batwoman guest-star alongside The Dynamic Duo in “Blackest Knight,” a 3-part story illustrated by Cameron Stewart (SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICT0RY: MANHATTAN GUARDIAN). Readers who enjoyed BATMAN R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS won’t want to miss this captivating new storyline packed with additional clues on the Domino Killer and the details surrounding the “death” of Bruce Wayne!