PlayStation Vice-President of Epic Footage Kevin Butler: An Appreciation

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This post was supposed to be about MAG, the ambitiously-huge 256-player first-person shooter that came out today. But after watching the commercial for it, I realized I first needed to give props to the sardonic genius known as Kevin Butler. Generally, he’s the spokesperson you see in all of the PlayStation 3 commercials. Specifically, he is:

  • VP of Epic Footage
  • Chief Weaponoligist
  • Director of Rumor Confirmation
  • VP of Enough is Enough
  • Director of Game Accuracy
  • VP – First Person Shooter Relations
  • VP of Big Deal Making
  • VP – Blu-ray Superiority
  • VP – Big Action Moments
  • Family Activities Director

The fictitious character, played by actor Jerry Lambert, is on Twitter. Subscribe to his feed and you’ll actually get a direct message from him (“We should do lunch sometime. Or maybe we just keep it electronic. That way you don’t have to pick up the check.”) As funny as the recent MAG commercial is, this one is still my favorite: