Webapp Brings Google Voice to iPhone & Palm Pre

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Apple couldn’t thwart Google’s presence on the iPhone forever.

The makers of Mac threw out the proposed Google Voice app for the iPhone a year ago, but apparently forgot to lock the backdoor as the new HTML 5 spec allows iPhoners use of Google Voice through mobile site google.com/voice/m.

The webapp works for any HTML5-supporting smartphone, specifically iPhones running a 3.0 OS and the Palm Pre, running Palm’s OS. It basically functions in the same way as using Google Voice on your computer, and allows your to make calls (by syncing to your Google contact list), send texts and check voicemail.

An even bigger plus? Google Voice will actually dial out on your phone, where previously it would call your own phone before making any calls.

Still, an iPhone-native app would be more appealing. What do you think?

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