Displax “Skin” Will Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Multi-touch Wonderland

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We’re inching closer and closer to Minority Report status and Displax could be the company to put us over the edge. The multi-touch technology from the Portuguese company is made from a transparent polymer film that can be applied to glass, plastic or wood, which then creates an interactive surface. The company says the film can be applied to current LCDs as well.

It can identify up to 16 fingers on a 50-inch screen and is sensitive enough to know if you’re blowing on it. The surfaces don’t have to be flat either; Displax can be applied to surfaces that are curved, opaque and transparent. Like anything else, though, the hardware is only as good as the software it works with. App Packs will be available later this year, but Displax will ship with “several embedded business applications” that allow users to peruse Google Maps, access social networks, play games, stream videos and view photos.

Displax will begin shipping in July 2010.