LOST Premiere E-mail Chain: What The H-Bomb?

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Season 6: Episode 1 and 2

Peter Ha: Well, what did you think? We have two separate story lines going: one where everything worked and one where everyone is still on the island.

Allie Townsend: Who knows? I’m more frustrated than before the season started. And I HATE the way the writers brought back Juliet just to die in the first few minutes of the show. That was such a cheap shot.

I think that by reversing what happened, the crew is going on like the crash never happened, but events will happen that will still bring them all together and back where they started. It was destiny. DUM DUM DUM!

I’m frustrated. I just want to hit fast forward to the finale.

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PH: Right. Let me refer to my notes. Yes, I took notes.

So we’re under the impression that Juliet’s actions have set things right. After all, the entire island is underwater. We even see Boone, Charlie and that dumbass teacher again on the plane. But it got weird. Jack sort of recognized Desmond and then when he went to the bathroom he found that his neck was bleeding. And then Desmond disappeared. Charlie tried killing himself and Jin was being the dominant Korean man that he is.

AT: So what on earth is coming for the rest of the folks in the temple? And who is inside John Locke’s body?

I have so many questions I can’t stand it. I hate you, TV.

PH: Everyone on the island is a sheep. They‚re constantly looking for someone to lead them, but Sawyer finally broke out. “I ain’t following nobody, Kate.” Also, Sawyer was smart to keep Miles around to help him bury Juliet. But what did she mean when she said that it had worked? She died and Sawyer is back on the island. Or is he?

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AT: Parallel universes, man. There are different versions of ourselves walking around in different times. All at once. Or something.

And I think the monster in Locke wants to use Locke as a vehicle to get him off the island. I think Jacob had figured out how to suppress it, and with Jacob gone, he is unleashed. So. Many. Questions.

PH: Sayid dies and then comes back to life. And there are Other Others or Other Other Others. Excuse me while I go and throw something against the wall.

AT: Until next week, then…

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