Motorola Devour: Baby Droid With MotoBlur on Verizon

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Remember when Verizon offered the worst phones imaginable? It wasn’t that long ago, but in the last year or so they really turned things around. It’s doubtful that anyone would argue if I said they had the best overall selection of devices.

Add the Motorola Devour to the ever-growing list of badass devices available on Verizon. Like the T-Mobile Motorola Cliq, the Devour runs Android with a Motorola “skin” called Motoblur, which is squarely focused on delivering all manner of information from the Web, social networks, etc., into one place. A handful of HTC devices running Android have the Sense “skin” like the Hero (Sprint) and Droid Eris (Verizon). Motorola doesn’t explicitly say that the Devour has Wi-Fi or GPS, but it comes with Google Maps Nav, which means it’s running Android 1.6.

No word on pricing, but I don’t imagine it eclipsing the $100 mark. Pick one up next month if you feel the need.