Panel of the Week – 2/3/10

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We were treated to some outstanding scenes this week. We had the death of an Avenger. We met a A-List mutant’s illegitimate son. We all got an architecture lesson. We got a reminder that ancient snake-headed evils are not to be screwed with and finally, motorcycle safety is not a laughing matter. Here it is, your Panel of the Week.

Siege #2
The very thing that makes this panel awesome is what keeps it from being an actual spoiler. Yes, Marvel told the truth, an Avenger does die. He’s the explosion of blood and guts pictured here. Unfortunately, I’ve been hoping that this panel would be the complete opposite. I’ve had it with the Sentry. He needs to be killed or Nerfed. He’s too powerful. No one, especially not Bendis, can write this guy.

God Complex #3
God Complex #3 has really pulled off the whole damsel in distress scenario. And if you’re going to throw our hero into that frying pan you might as well make the bad guy a real mustache twiddler. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I mean, how often do you actually see a comic pull the Medusa card?

Ultimate X #1
So, Ultimate Wolverine had a bastard child. And by the looks of it he fathered him right around the time of the first Gulf War. Y’know the one where he spent most of his days locked in an adamantium cage? I guess he got some weekend passes. And what is with this parade of women that line up outside of Wolverine’s trailer? He is a tiny, hairy, mutant right? Right?

Demo Vol. 2 #1
Turning pages in Demo Vol. 2 #1 was like a treasure hunt. In between panels of sparse, flowing, ink work featuring the beautiful protagonist, Joan, artist Becky Cloonan would drop these hyper detailed renditions of St Paul’s Cathedral. This is actually a full page spread of the landmark, I had to chop bits of it off. I could only hope to contain it.

Red Robin #9
Ok, you see what’s going on here? Do you see it? Tim Drake is popping a wheelie while standing up on the pegs while holding a steel staff in his throttle hand. In the rain! As a former member of the steel horse riders I just have to say enough is enough. The Bat family in general demands a certain suspension of disbelief with their batarangs and kung-fu. But I’m drawing the line at off handed rain wheelies.