Snoop Dogg, Darth Vader and Adidas Invade NYC

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Update: I’ve just returned from the event in Times Square and what a cluster frak. Anyway, the Northeast Remnant Garrison of the 501st Legion Empire City Garrison, New England Garrison, and Connecticut Garrison were on hand to escort Snoop Dogg into the Times Square Foot Locker. I waited in the freezing cold for over an hour while Snoop was around the corner near the Conde Nast building and the stormtroopers were marching up from 34th street. Some informants told me that Snoop had missed his plane last night and got into NYC a couple of hours before the event was supposed to unfold at 9:30AM. It was absolute chaos, but totally worth it to see Snoop with Vader and the NE Remnant. We’ll have video shortly.

Update 2: And wouldn’t you know it. I inadvertently wiped my memory card before pulling any other photos off. There was a van clad in Star Wars x Adidas graphics and guerilla-style posters of Stormtroopers and Luke. #personalfail


Original story: My sincerest apologies for not bringing this to your attention earlier, but adidas Originals are coming out with a Star Wars line of kicks (you know, sneakers) and clothes. I saw the above trailer making the rounds in December, but didn’t think it really fit in with Techland. If it did then I’m sorry.

Anyway, turns out that at 9:30 AM ET today (2/4) in NYC, Snoop Dogg, Darth Vader and a battalion of Stormtroopers will be stomping their way through Times Square for the launch of the adidas Originals x Star Wars series. I’ll be there with my camera.

Also, I want the Yoda, Millenium Falcon, AT-AT, Stormtrooper (even though those are Sandtroopers) and/or the Skywalkers. My birthday is in July. Just sayin’.

adidas Originals – Star Wars Collection