Universal Pictures Offers $10K to Contestants Who Can Disappear For a Month

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Today, Wired posted that they’ll play host to a pretty intriguing competition: the coolest game of hide and seek we’ve ever heard of.

Inspired by Wired writer Evan Ratliff’s attempt to vanish after writing a story about people who wipe out their identities to start new lives, the magazine has teamed with Loneshark Games and Universal Pictures (in promotion for its upcoming film Repo Men) to offer $10,000 the contestants who can disappear for a month.

Here in Techland, we knew there was only one man for the job: Our fearless leader, Peter Ha.

He has absolutely no experience in disappearing, unless you count that weekend Gears of War 2 came out. Still, we’re pretty sure he was just in the basement the whole time.

But back to the contest. Wired will only pick four contestants to disappear and if you’d like to enter along side Peter (Who wants to make it clear that he would be donating any money won to charity), click here.

Says Wired:

“We will provide you with vital technology and seed money to get you through your month on the run. Your creativity and wits will have to get you whatever else you need for life on the run. If you’re chosen, you will get $2,500 over the course of the run, and an additional $7,500 if you make it to the end without being caught. But people will be trying to find you, and they’ll use any means allowed in the rules to try to figure out where you are.

Do you have what it takes? We think we do.