EA’s Future Release Calendar Portends Weak Holiday Lineup, Awesome 1Q 2011

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Electronic Arts just wrapped up their fiscal 3Q 2010 earnings conference call. Quite a few games were mentioned during the call and within the accompanying press release, some that were previously announced through other channels and some that weren’t. Somewhat troubling for EA is that other than Crysis 2 and the new mixed martial arts fighting title, none of the games that are coming out for this year’s Christmas holiday season (fiscal 3Q 2011) look particularly interesting unless you’re looking forward to another Harry Potter game and console versions of the Sims 3.

On the flip side, the slate of titles coming out in early 2011 (fiscal 4Q 2011) has a lot more sizzle: Dead Space 2, a follow-up to Dragon Age, and a new Need for Speed are all on tap. Also on the calendar: an unnamed shooter from Gears of War developer Epic Games that has the potential to overshadow everything else coming out during this quarter. Nothing much more is known about this mystery game, but we’ll hear much more about it possibly at March’s Game Developers Conference or definitely at June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.