Love At First Byte: Your Nerdy Valentine’s Day Guide

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Valentine’s Day is stupid.

It’s for saps who find value in the fact that they can brag to friends/co-workers/the Facebook universe all about the stupid hoops they forced their significant other to jump through just to prove their love is true, Hallmark style. Barf.

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Still, I’ll never cross a holiday off as a total loss, except maybe Columbus Day, so if you’re bound to the stupid Cupid festivities, maybe we can help make it a bit more bearable. So look your nerdy sweetie in the eyes, tell them, “You had me at Halo” and embrace the silliness. Besides, any excuse for chocolate is okay by me.

Talk Nerdy To Me: The Top Five Sci-Fi Date Movies

1. Goonies

There is something comfy about a childhood favorite, and Goonies is such a beloved part of geeky cinematic history, you can go no wrong here. Let the happiness and Data’s one-liner’s fill the room. It’s fool-proof.

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2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Not every sci-fi enthusiast will submit themselves to a film unworthy of Sundance, geeky or not. If you must meld the two, Eternal Sunshine is as poetic as it is quirky and romantic. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet produce beautiful performances and the film just oozes with the meaning of love, once the complexities are stripped away.

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3. Stardust

This movie encompasses every emotion that makes movie-going great: adventure, heroism, romance, evil and Robert De Niro dressed as a gay pirate. Get over yourself and embrace Stardust for what it is, purely a great time. (Trust me, she doesn’t want to see Requiem on this date. No. She. Really. Doesn’t.)

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