Panel of the Week 2/10/10

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I’m not mail carrier but even Snowpacolypse won’t stop me from my appointed rounds. I got the boots out and sludged through the NYC streets to get my books. And for all my efforts I was rewarded. This week we got some old school violence, some interstellar genocide and even a new Bat-contraption. Read on to see what action made the Panel of the Week!

DMZ #50
The world of DMZ is an ugly one. Manhattan is a battleground and not in that corporate shark tank kind of way. There are craters and piles of rubble everywhere. The city blocks are divided into factions of warring gangs. There term “if I can make it here I can make it anywhere” takes on new meaning. It’s not pretty, and neither are the people who inhabit it. However, when comics legend Jim Lee does a pin up of series protagonist Matty Roth and his medic counterpart Zee, you can start to believe it could be pretty. Maybe.

Invincible presents Atom Eve and Rex Slode #3
As I’ve commented recently many of the costumes in the Invincible universe suck. Fortunately neither of the title characters in this book fall into that group. Kirkman writes in the back of this book that if Invincible had failed after six or eight issues he toyed with the idea of continuing the story with Atom Eve as the star. I could get down with this, especially if Nate Bellegarde is the artist.

Enders Game: Command School #5
This shot is from a nightmare that Ender Wiggin has while training to lead humanity’s space forces against the evil Formics. If dreaming about being dissected alive is the price of being a strategic super genius well then I’ll just be at my cubicle rewriting travel expense reports. Thank you very much.

Punishermax #4
Artist Steve Dillon has a very unique style. Sometimes the faces of all the characters on a page can look alike but his work on this latest Punisher series has been great. Specifically, on the big guy here. Kingpin’s of the past have been drawn as whopping masses of muscle. Impossibly massive. Dillon’s Kingpin is just a big fat guy. Although obviously still very physically strong as evidenced by when he just picks walls to crash through. Still, look at this grinning lardo, you know he’s a guy that get’s what he wants.

Batgirl #7
Last week I went after Robin for riding a motorcycle in the rain one handed. Well now I feel bad because at least he wasn’t riding this rolling suppository. Oracle has apparently been saving this gem for a special occasion. I simply cannot imagine a less apt urban assault vehicle. The turning radius on this circus cannon must be a half mile. Visibility is a joke. No passengers. Can’t she borrow the Quad-Bat from Dick? Now that thing is awesome.