Panel of the Week 2/17/10

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Is killing baddies so wrong? Do rats make the best pets? Do Green Lanterns over-exfoliate? What is the best managerial style for international criminal organizations? The answers to these questions in our Panel of the Week!

Invincible #70
A few of months ago there was a debate on the internets about superheros who kill. I come down squarely on the pro-kill side of the fence. As I’ve mentioned here before I am a fan of The Authority. I like the way they handle their business. In Invincible #70 the Guardians of the Globe fight a legitimate planet-scale threat. Invincible responds by punching the enemy’s head off. This is how Midnighter or Hawksmoor would do it. If the Sequids were as much of a threat as Kirkman made them out to be then kill 10 innocents to stop them. Kill 100. These are the Guardians of the Globe. Not the Friendly Neighborhood Guardians. Invincible should have killed Angstrom Levy and he should have killed Conquest. One came back and ravaged the whole planet and the other is on his way to do the same in the Viltrumite War. What is the hold up here? Kill these people.

Joe the Barbarian #2
This is Jack (or Chakk). When he’s not a young man’s pet rat he is apparently a professional bad ass. This rodent does not screw around. He dual wields a claymore and a katana. Compare this to my pet bulldog who, I kid you not, dislocated his kneecap taking a nap earlier this week and I can appreciate the kind of robustness that this knock-off Splinter brings to the table.

Daredevil #505
When Marvel put Daredevil in charge of the Hand I was excited. I was interested to learn more about the inner workings of this Marvel ninja institution that provides cannon fodder for all my favorite heros. Instead we are getting page after page of Matt struggling with his conscience and getting questioned by his subordinates. Snore. The best thing as been the new devil outfits that his ninja soldiers wear. The second best thing is getting to see what Daredevil looks like from the eyes of someone suffering from a magically induced bad acid trip.

Incredible Hulk #607
It’s 2010 and Marvel is still throwing Wolverine (and now Spidey) into every title they publish. Not too long ago there was an issue of some book where it showed how seven days a week Wolvie was trotting the globe fighting monsters and mobsters on a dozen different teams for a dozen different reasons. He does this to “stay busy” and not deal with the atrocities of chopping people apart all the time. In the Incredibile Hulk #607 Bruce Banner puts together a team to rescue the 8 smartest people in the Marvel Universe. Obviously Wolverine is on this squad, as is Spider-Man who is not pictured. Neither have anything to do with anything. But HEY! Spidey and Wolverine!

Green Lantern #51
Ok, DC, I’ll admit it. The only thing worse than getting your giant face ripped off by a monster-hybrid Green Lantern is getting your face ripped off starting with the eyelids! Sweet Christmas that is cringe-worthy. Green Lantern #51 continues to show us that the best part of Blackest Night have been the troops in green.