Techland Screening Room: Time to Set Your Netflix Queue

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Every Thursday, the Techland Screening Room digs deep in an attempt to appreciate one of the 50 most important sci-fi titles of cinema’s first century. When we’re not analyzing the films, we’re announcing the next title in the series. We welcome your thoughts, insights, grumblings and epiphanies.

Consider this the official announcement of Techland Screening Room, round 2. Next week’s pick: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The original that is, from 1956. Here’s a taste:


For those of you who missed it, last week’s write-up concerned Primer, the ingenious time travel drama that blew away audiences at Sundance, before being dumped into movie theaters across the country with little fanfare. You can read our full discussion here. Both Primer and Invasion would make my short list of the best sci-fi films ever made; by the time we’re done with the Screening Room, we hope to chronicle all 50 of the top sci-fi spectacles.

So set your Netflix queue now (or watch the whole thing on YouTube, where someone has posted it in full), and come back next Thursday for a full debate!

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