Geeks in the Dollhouse: Whedon Preps for Comic-Con: The Movie

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A juicy little dose of Comic-Con catnip over at E! (So juicy, in fact, that I’m a little skeptical as to whether this could possibly be true.)

It appears that Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock could be teaming up for a Comic-Con documentary – you know, the man who launched a million Fireflies, and the Super-Size Me dude who just made a Simpsons documentary to coincide with the show’s anniversary? Apparently they are on the hunt for a few good rabid geeks to follow during the three months leading up to the convention. Think of it as Trekkies, but this time an expose for fanboys of all persuasions.

I always think docs like this risk coming off as a pandering or even contemptuous. But the fact that Whedon is attached to the project – er, rumor of a project – points to a film that would be a little more understanding, even appreciative, of the way a community comes together around the franchises that matter to them most.

Spurlock’s always been good at looking with a filmmaker’s eye, thinking of how to edit a film to keep an audience engaged. But it’s Whedon’s close and abiding love of this world that would set their documentary apart. I, for one, would line up to see it.