Thundercats Hooooo! The Movie Lives, To Purr Another Day

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A little Thundercats news here – and also another chance to re-post the fan trailer that’s been making us giggle since 2008.

The Thundercats movie was rumored to be scrapped by Warner Bros., but now Screen Rant is reporting that the project has been revived. Chase Me Productions is supposedly producing the project, with Warner Bros. only distributing, and not only has a script been delivered, but a rewrite has been completed.

Or so the rumors go.

But we’re all about rumors.

Screen Rant has gotten a glance of the script, and has parsed all the key details. I found three script notes particularly interesting

– There is no mention of Snarf at all – this is good news, because he would quickly become the Jar-Jar of the franchise.

– Panthro has purple skin – there was some concern of stereotyping him in the 80s as being big, bald and black.

– Claudus and Grune both appear in the movie (don’t remember them? Just click their names).

The full script (allegedly) can be found right here.

Now: What do you think of all this? Legit? BS? BS, but still worth a good chuckle, and maybe a little burst of nostalgia?

Speaking of nostalgia, gotta love it: