Is Comic-Con Headed to Anaheim?

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Yesterday, the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote a lengthy article about the could-be end to Comic-Con’s run in its coastal birthplace.

The holy grail of all fabulously nerdy cons, Comic-Con began in San Diego in 1970 and has since herded in attendees, many in costume. Last year, more than 125,000 people swarmed the convention space, but with four-day passes for this year’s con sold out by September, the Comic-Con board must look at the volume of people they turn away due to San Diego’s limited space.

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Though some would make leaving San Diego into a villainous betrayal, as of 2012 Comic-Con is free to go. The event’s contract with the San Diego Convention Center will expire, and because attendees spend a whopping $60 million in a matter of four days, it’s no wonder other would-be suitors have flocked.

But can the con be wooed? Perhaps.

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer told the Union-Tribune:

“We have to be aware of our attendees, and we don’t want it to be problematic for them to attend the show. When you have to limit exhibit space and sell out early, those are negatives, but by San Diego trying to increase hotel-room blocks and utilize space at adjacent hotels, that may neutralize some of those things. It’s not a secret that Anaheim would love for us to move up there, and they have a world-class facility and a lot of hotels and have put forward a great location, but it will be up to the board to decide exactly what it is we can do.”

The board is set to make a decision on whether or not it will extend its San Diego contract within the next month.

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