Adobe vs Apple | Flash vs HTML5

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Mashable’s Ben Parr recently sat down with Adobe’s Aaron Filner, you know, the product manager for Flash to discuss recent rumblings over Apple and Steve Jobs’ comments about Flash and where the Internet is headed. There’s isn’t a whole of news or anything we wouldn’t expect to hear from Adobe in the interview, but it’s still worth a listen if you’re wondering what Adobe’s strategy is over the situation.

A few key points from the interview are below:

– The “battle” between HTML5 and Flash is a “misperception.” They have co-existed for a while, Mr. Filner said, and Adobe has invested in helping extend HTML’s technology.

– Adobe thinks the mobile web has gone in two directions: the open web via the browser and the application store.

– On Apple: It’s Apple’s decision whether or not it wants to support Flash. For now, it is supporting developers creating Flash-based apps for the iPhone app store.

– There has been some discussion about the Flash user experience on computers vs. touchscreens due to the lack of a mouse, cursor and the “hover effect” that some Flash apps currently use. While Aaron didn’t specifically highlight how Adobe intends to tackle that problem, he did say that the company’s playing around with potential solutions and that Adobe believes most Flash apps and videos will still work just fine on touchscreen devices.