Witness the Awesomeness that is Microsoft. No, really!

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It makes sense now, right? The above demo by Eric Rudder at TechEd in Dubai is one of many reasons why I’m stoked for Windows Phone 7 devices to be released to the public. The ability to play a game that syncs across all three major Microsoft platforms (Xbox 360, Windows OS, Windows Phone 7) is bonkers.

Not that I use a Windows machine but I might just for the sheer novelty of playing a game on my Windows machine at, let’s say, work, playing said game on the train on my WP7 and then picking it up on my Xbox 360 at home.

This type of synchronization won’t be limited to gaming though. Videos purchased through the Zune Store will operate in the same manner, so you never have to remember where you were when jumping across devices. Awesome, right?

(via Giz)