March Madness: The Super Villain Edition

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The idea of having our own March Madness tournament was born from a lame villain bracket that showed up on some news aggregator some months ago. The picks seemed super unoriginal and if I remember correctly the winner of the 8-man tournament was Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nothing against Q but I could name a dozen villains across all genres who could kick his ass.

So that’s what the Hive Mind (that’s what I like to call the staff) has been busy doing over the last few weeks. We won’t reveal the list of 64 until next Monday, but we do have four wildcard spots that we want you guys to help us fill. Start brainstorming now and we’ll let you know when and where to submit your suggestions.

Let your minds run wild. Your picks for the 2010 TECHLAND March Madness Tournament can come from books, comics, video games, movies, TV shows, etc. Stay tuned.