Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation Move

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Evan and I are coming to you live from Sony’s GDC press conference. And they’ve just revealed the official name as PlayStation Move.

Peter Dille is currently on stage going through software sales and how well Sony has done thus far. Did you know that God of War III is 35 gigs? GT5 will ship this year. “Worth the wait.” Duh.

The difference is in the hardware, says Dille. Move entails a slew of hardware: PS3, Move, Eye toy, and HDTV.

Social and casual games coming for everyone!

Multiple bundles: Eye and Controller. Eye, Controller and game. Eye, controller, game and console.

Starter package (PS Eye, PS Move, game) will come in under $100.

Scott Rhode from Worldwide Studios is now on stage.

Looks like Sports Champions will be the included software. They’re currently demoing a gladiator style game and table tennis.

Submersive Games is now on stage demoing Move Party. There’s some augmented reality with this one. The wand can be a tennis racket (swat flies), paint brush (paint pictures), buzzer (cut some chia pet hair), etc.

As expected, PS Move will work with Little Big Planet. Move is incorporated in a manner that manipulates the surroundings of each level to help your little sackboy/girl get from one place to another.

Motion Fighter: Uses two Move controllers and tracks movement pretty well. All manner of punches translate including roundhouse punches.

PS sub-controller accessory: Oh. Isn’t that a Wiimote combo deal?

SOCOM 4: Barely worth the demo time.

“Virtually” every major publisher is on board to develop for PS Move.

Evan and I are going to demo Move now. We’ll have a hands-on video shortly.