MOVE-ing On Up: Hands-on With the PS3’s New Motion Controller

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After Peter and I took in the Sony press conference that announced the Move controller, we joined the hundreds of other people gathered at the event to finally get our hands on the thing.

The first game we checked out was Crave Entertainment’s Brunswick Bowling. It’s already available for the Wii but this PS3 Move version took advantage of the console’s hardware and had super-sharp textures and colors. The play experience felt much Wii Bowling but with some major differences.  The placement of the ball felt very true to where I was aiming it. It was very unlike when I play bowling in Wii Sports and wonder why the ball on the left side of the lane when I was aiming right. The other thing I noticed with Brunswick Bowling was that the Move controller read the weird English and spins I was putting on the ball far more accurately that it does when I play on the Wii. I’m guessing that the

Next, Peter and I moved on to SOCOM 4, the game that most surprised folks when Peter Dille said it’d be playable with Move. While waiting for the controller to recalibrate, it was explained to us that the motion controller works in conjunction with the Playstation Eye and that the shifting colors on the ball allowed the Eye to more accurately track the controller. Even at this early pre-alpha stage, the Move pair felt more accurate in terms of fidelity than the Wii remote does.

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