Why You Need the Springpad iPhone App

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I’m not the most organized man in the history of men but it’s not for lack of trying. It’s more for lack of will, determination, time, time management skills, cleanliness (both personally and around the house), money, proper genetic predisposition to organization, and more.

Mostly it’s because it seems like too much work, even though it can’t really be rocket science.

After taking Springpad’s iPhone app for a spin, though, I feel somewhat organized without actually jumping through the hoops of compartmentalizing everything. The system consists of an online site with several ways to quickly add stuff you find on the web, and the iPhone app which allows you to capture quick notes, add items of interest by category, and, best of all, by location, by scanning a physical item’s barcode, and by taking a picture of something.

It’s all very quick and seamless, too. No fuss, no muss. Check out the above video for more.

Springpad [Springpadit.com]

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