NASA’s Space Telescope, The Musical?

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Oh NASA, your nerdy space musicals delight me so.

This five-minute ditty features a NASA scientist who explains the infrared technology of the Spitzer Space Telescope and its difference from other telescopes like Hubble.

Infrared/ Capturing the heat instead/ There is light in the sky that we can’t see/ In the darkest parts of the galaxy/ With Spitzer’s Spectrum/ We can detect them/ Easily

See, you’ve learned something already. Spitzer is actually the fourth of NASA’s Great Observatories, along with Hubble, Chandra and Compton, and was launched in 2003. Since, Spitzer has provided the first images of extrasolar planets (planets located outside of the solar system) spurring new theories of how planets are formed. Cool huh?

It’s no School House Rock, but it’s catchy.

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