Robopocalypse! Spielberg Flirts With Android Awesomeness

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I’ll keep this one short and sweet, because the details sort of say it all.

Daniel H. Wilson, the robotics writer who was behind the novel How to Survive A Robot Uprising, is writing a new book called Robopocalypse.

DreamWorks Studios acquired the book even before it was done being written. And now /Film is reporting that Drew Goddard has been hired to pen a screenplay. That’s Goddard, as in the guy who managed to build almost an entire thriller without a visible villain in Cloverfield. (More at Techland: The worst live-action adaptations of cartoons, ever.)

That screenplay is reportedly being eyed by Steven Spielberg as one of the top prospects for his next film.

Yes, the man who brought you Jaws, Close Encounters, E.T. and Jurassic Park might now be prepping to create Robopocalypse.

I for one, think it’s a perfect fit. Remember those initial battle sequences in War of the Worlds? Now those were some pretty impressive, towering robots going to town on the suburbs. I think Spielberg could pull this off with his eyes closed. Robopocalypse!

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