March Madness: How Does This Work?

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So it looks like there is a bit of confusion and anger regarding our March Madness picks. Allow me to clarify so that you might better understand how and why we made the choices that we did.

Let’s start off with the four divisions and why the characters we have are there: Rapture, Oolong Island, Narnia and Phantom Zone.

Rapture – Video games.
Oolong Island – Sequential arts.
Narnia – Sci-fi and fantasy novels.
Phantom Zone – Movies and TV.

Hopefully that clarifies things for you folks a little better.

There are a few anomalies throughout like the multiple Jokers (Ledger, Nicholson tag team) and the Joker from the DC Comics. The Zeus you see in Rapture is from the God of War series. The ‘Colonel’ from the Phantom Zone is the bastard from Avatar. Two Draculas, right? Well, one of them is from Castlevania.

Now this is where you have some say. Because we have so many first round matches, we’ll be taking into account reader submissions for the first couple rounds. So for today let us know who you think will win their first round matches from the Rapture and Oolong Island brackets only.

Click on the photo below to enlarge or get the printable PDF version here.