Zombie of the Week: Randall from Ugly Americans

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Welcome to ‘Zombie of the Week,’ folks, where each week we’ll present you with a different brain-eating member of the undead that has captured our fancy. There is no methodology to our Zombie Awesomeness meter, just our own piqued interests. Got a zombie we should see? Comment below. No zombie is too small, too short-lived, or too gross.

This week, top honors go to undead roommate Randall Skeffington (Kurt Metzger) of Comedy Central’s new series Ugly Americans.

Set in New York City, the show is narrated by protagonist Mark Lilly (Matt Oberg), your average Joe just trying to get by in the big city … full of demons, zombies, robots and a host of other-worldy creatures. In the same vein as Futurama, all creatures cohabit together like any people from shockingly different cultures do, but let’s be honest, this is so much more fun than Will to Carlton a la The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We’re talking zombies and humans, guys, not usually a great combo. But I digress…

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In this preview of the first 10 minutes of the series, Mark reveals that Randall had “gone zombie” a few months back for “all the wrong reasons.” Translation: For the nookie. (Scene: Beautiful blond is only into zombies. He becomes one. Now she’s only into warlocks.) Ouch.

“Never make decisions with a hard on and a fifth of Tequila.” Wise words.

But nevertheless, zombie Randall still eats his Cheerios, dispenses relationship advice and keeps up with his Netflix queue. He just has to worry about rotting hunks of flesh in the process. (Hey, what’s a little skin problem?) Everybody’s got issues.

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This is creator David M. Stern’s (The Simpsons) first series, and judging from the first few scenes, it could be a real gem. If anything, I just love the smart aesthetic: Replace the actual Manhattan diversity with a clump of sci-fi creatures and you can metaphor your little pants off.

Ugly Americans debuts on Comedy Central tomorrow (March 17) at 10:30 p.m. Eastern.

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