AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad Combines Hygiene And Ideas

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It’s no secret that the best ideas hit you while you’re either dreaming or in the shower. Best of luck trying to write something down while you’re asleep unless you sleepwalk habitually, in which case your scribbling probably looks like “Osmosis is after me. Bread! Taking Shasta by noon.”

Writing in the shower is a much more attainable goal, and a waterproof notepad with built-in suction cups appears to be the perfect way to work on your music, poetry, and threatening letters to neighbors. “I’m writing this letter in the shower to let you know how mad I am about you having so many people over to watch The Hills. You guys talk too loud, which means the TV gets turned up too loud. Both things bother me greatly, and the fact that I’m writing this in the shower ought to convey to you how upset I am.”

The shower kit costs ten bucks and includes a 3.5” by 5.25” waterproof pad with 40 perforated sheets, two suction cups for the pad, and one suction cup for the special water-resistant cedar pencil. You can use regular pencils as well, though “most pencils subjected to a moist environment like the shower will eventually split at the glue seam,” according to the product description.

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