LOST S06E08 E-mail Chain: Well, This Stinks

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Guys, I’m worried Peter has really fallen off the bandwagon.

This is how it starts, right? First, you’re skipping two episodes of the final season of LOST and next thing you know, you’re watching Jersey Shore reruns in your underwear and stealing from your mom’s bingo fund to buy issues of People. I think it’s time for an intervention. (We’re coming for you, Ha.)

But even in Peter “I always watch LOST” Ha’s absence, we must press on.

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Last night’s Recon sure didn’t reveal a whole hell of a lot. Surprise, surprise. We got a few one-line would-be bombs if everyone on the planet wasn’t already rolling their eyes and groaning “Duh” at the same time.

Kate: “Sayid, are you okay?” Sayid: “No.”

Locke to Sawyer: “I am the Smoke thing.” Yeah, no shit.

Still, Smokey the Locke finally admitted he is the monster wrapped into the likeness of dead John Locke. That’s progress, I guess. Strangely, even dead non-Locke is still my favorite character on the island outside of Hurley. For a monster, he really shows very little hostility. He’s pretty cool and even tempered, though who didn’t cheer when he slapped the breakfast out of Crazy Claire? Good golly, that was awesome.

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What’s the most perplexing is the creators’ decision to introduce a new band of characters into the mix when we’ve only got a handful of episodes left. We know Charles Whitmore, yes, but his band of 40 thieves are new to us. But at least we didn’t have to bother too much with the corpses in the mass grave that Sawyer found on the neighboring island. Honestly, they’re going to have to start killing folks fast, or we’ll never get our answers.

I was also pretty bored by post-bomb, No-Crashland Sawyer. He’s a cop? That’s interesting, but he’s still Sawyer. I also don’t get how the pasts of our LOSTies were changed so much post-nuke. Was Jacob’s presence in their pasts also eliminated? Oh, so many questions!

Help me out here, Techlanders.

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