Razer Creates Mouse For Lefties

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Alert Ned Flanders! This Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition Gaming Mouse is a perfect item to be sold at the Leftorium in Springfield Mall.

Razer claims this is “the world’s first gaming mouse for left-handers.” Is that true? Man, you lefties have it rough. On behalf of technology, I’m really sorry it’s taken until 2010 for you to have access to something like this. What have you been doing this entire time? Are there even left-handed gamers any more? I just assume you’ve had to adapt to a right-handed mouse, huh?

Well if you can manage to revert back to mousing with the correct hand, the Death Adder has a 3500dpi sensor, 1000Hz polling with a 1ms response time, five programmable buttons, on-the-fly sensitivity switching, and a 16-bit data path. Not that any of that could possibly even begin to make up for decades of being ignored in the marketplace.

Available March 24th for $60.