Handgun USB Drive Looks Too Real For Travel

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This defeats the purpose of being able to bring your data with you. It’s a 4GB USB thumb drive that looks like a gun. A small gun, sure, but small guns have existed since the Derringer–maybe even before that.

My dad got stopped bringing a souvenir Derringer through airport security about 20 years ago after a trip to Disney World. The situation was cleared up shockingly quickly (they confiscated the gun, much to my brother’s disappointment) but something tells me that if it had happened recently, my dad would still be locked in that little room. He’s pretty outgoing and friendly, so I’m sure he’d make the best of it but it’s like, “Come on, man, you live in the airport now? All because of a toy Derringer!”

This Handgun USB Drive sells for $22 and will pretty much guarantee you some lengthy interrogation time with your friendly TSA officers. It’s also probably not suitable for work, coffee shops, or just about any public place. Except maybe the gun range. They’d love it at the gun range.