Paycheck Friday: Purchasing Suggestions For Your Perusal

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It’s Friday! Maybe you just got paid. You could use that money for boring stuff like bills, rent, and food, or you could act like a wonderfully impulsive consumer and spend it on any number of products. Here are some ideas to get you started based on your taxable income bracket.

10% ($0 to $8,375)


Money’s tight but that doesn’t mean that a nice cocktail at the end of the week (or day, or hour) isn’t in order. These $20 Whiskey Stones promise to chill your drink better than ice without diluting the taste. And with the money you save on ice, you can… well, let’s face it, if you’re trying to save money on ice, spending $20 on rocks might not be a great idea.

15% ($8,375 to $34,000)


Things are looking up! You’re making enough dough that you might own multiple devices that need charging but you’re still cool enough to pull off the wide leather bracelet look. Well this $35 Universal Gadget Wrist Charger isn’t exactly leather but it’ll charge your iPhone, DS, PSP, and a bunch of other portable gizmos while you’re on the go.

25% ($34,000 to $82,400)


Hey big spender. I see you’re making some decent coin now. You’ve got some of that “disposable income” you’ve heard so much about. I assume you’ve already purchased a PS3 by now, so you might as well pick up God of War III while we’re talking about things that end in three. It’ll cost you around $60. Chump change for a person of your stature, am I right?

28% ($82,400 to $171,850)

78327 You have so much money! But I bet when you started making all this money, you put it to work right away—house, yard, kids, that sort of thing? And speaking of your kids, they never see you! You’re always at work! Nothing the $100 Sasquatch Soccer Ball can’t make up for, though. It might provide tens of minutes of backyard entertainment.

33% ($171,850 to $373,650)


I’m sure you have important things to do, sir or madam. I’m also certain that you probably have plenty of valuable objects and/or people in your home. In the case of a break-in or, perhaps, spousal infidelity, this $480 wireless security camera is hidden inside an unassuming mirror. What you choose to do with the footage is your business. Good day.

35% ($373,650 and up)

bikeIt’s time for you to reconnect with regular people. You know what regular people do? They ride bikes. Show them that you, too, can ride bikes but don’t let them know that your bike happens to be a $1229 electric bike with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Don’t tell them that it folds down to just over two feet wide for easy transport, either. Their bikes don’t do that.