Eye-Fi Announces Budget Friendly X2 Wireless SD Cards

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Earlier this year, Eye-Fi released its “Pro X2” 8GB wireless SD card at $150. The card features Class 6 read and write speeds and an 802.11n Wi-Fi module for super fast image and video uploads directly from a digital camera or camcorder. Add to that the ability to use the card across an Ad Hoc network (no router needed), RAW image file support, and Eye-Fi’s new “Endless Memory Mode” which clears out old files once they’re safely uploaded, and you’ve got yourself a powerful, albeit expensive, SD card.

In order to offer some of the same features at lower price points, the company has released the 4GB “Connect X2” and 8GB ”Explore X2” cards today, priced at $50 and $100, respectively.

Both cards feature Class 6 read and write speeds, 802.11n wireless, and Endless Memory Mode just like the Pro X2. The 4GB Connect X2 features automatic Wi-Fi uploads to a computer or one of 25 photo/video sharing sites, while the 8GB Explore X2 features the same along with lifetime automatic geotagging and a year of hotpot access at over 21,000 locations.

So basically for $50 less than the Pro X2, the Connect X2 does everything except handling RAW image files and the Ad Hoc networking stuff. Not bad.