Broadsword Handle Umbrella Glove Slaps All Other Umbrellas

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There’s not much that’s inherently cool about umbrellas, but there’s a lot that’s cool about broadswords. Mix an umbrella and a broadsword together and you’ve got a combined level of coolness that’s somehow equal to more than the sum of its parts.

Available from ThinkGeek for $40, the Broadsword Handle Umbrella features a two-handed grip made of faux metal and “leatherette,” plus a carrying case with shoulder strap for that true sword-drawing experience. The umbrella opens to almost three and a half feet in diameter, or use it when closed to jab at people who stand too close to you on the subway.

Either way, this is an item that can and should be carried year-round. You’ll likely find it to be somewhat of a conversation piece.