Comics on Our Pull List 3/31/10

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I’m going to step out a little this week. I’m going try some adaptations on for size. Starting with some video games (Dragon Age, God of War) and moving on to some feature films (Terminator) I’m going to see how well these tales translate. FrankenCastle continues his stitched and stilted march, there’s a new hope that’s not a Star Wars reference, oh, and Sinestro takes his new ring for a spin.

Blackest Night #8
I think we’re all ready for Blackest Night to wrap up. As good as the Green Lantern titles have been in the last year many of them have amounted to filler. Good filler, but filler. At this point all we’re waiting on to find out is who will strike the killing blow against Nekron and the Black Lanterns. Signs are pointing to Sinestro and his new White Lantern ring but preview cover images for upcoming titles already have him back in his traditional yellow. That would be too bad. White Lantern Sinestro was the most interesting thing to come out of cast-of-thousands production.

Terminator: Revolution #1
Way back in Techland’s infancy we talked with Zack Whedon about this title. I didn’t really get excited about it until I heard that it’s about Kyle Reese. I’m hoping that this book, which details the weeks leading up to Kyle’s time travel date with the past, will give me what the last Terminator film didn’t. That being a better look into what it is like being part of the resistance.

Dragon Age #1
I’m sure by now you’ve watched Will Wheaton’s keynote at PAX East? Surely. He talks with passion about the story of Dragon Age: Origins and this month BioWare and IDW collaborate to bring us Dragon Age #1. The story surrounds two of the more interesting factions within Fereldon, the templars and the mages of the circle tower. Orson Scott Card is associated with the book and despite Speaker for the Dead and his ridiculous political views I’m excited by this.

Punisher #15
I didn’t know until I saw the solits for this issue but I’ve been waiting my entire life for a Punisher Frankenstien monster to take on zombie Nazi’s. Who hasn’t? It’s the reason we buy comics. This might even be better than the admittedly stellar PunisherMAX series that is also out right now. Great time to be a Castle fan.

X-Men Second Coming #1
“Many will be wounded. Several will die.” This is the opening line for the solit on this title. And despite that horrendous, horrendous, opening line I’m going to pick this up as this weeks Issue Number 1. I was always a big fan of mutants being wiped out in House of M. My thinking was that if the dozen or so kids in the X-Men could stir up so much crap how was the world getting by with millions of mutants out there. But that’s where I lost the story. Any time Cable and time travel is involved I struggle to keep up with the X universe. This looks like a good jumping on point, though so here I am. Jumping on.