First Look at Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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[vodpod id=Video.3344730&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Details are starting to emerge about this year’s Spider-Man game and it looks like it’ll be a stark visual departure from Activision’s most recent web-slinging ¬†games. Actually, make that several visual departures. Shattered Dimensions looks like it’ll feature some reality-hopping elements, with appearances from a standard-issue 616 Spidey and a grimmer, gravel-voiced version that’s based on the Spider-Man Noir series. Two more variant slots remain and it’ll be a guessing game as to which other versions of Spidey will be playable in the game. As long as we don’t get anything out of The Clone Saga or the Earth X mythos, I’ll be good.

I’ve been falling out of love with Activision’s Spidey games ever since their Spider-Man 2 hit the last generation of consoles. There may be enough fan service in this to get me interested but its ability to entice will rely solely on its gameplay. Rumors have pegged Radical, developers of last year’s hit Prototype, as the studio stepping up to the plate here so fans of that game will have reason to hope.