LOST S06E10 E-mail Chain: A Tale of Two Suns

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Season 6: Episode 10

Peter “What’s going on?!” Ha: A bit underwhelming compared to last week, eh?

Allie “Insert something clever” Townsend: Yes and no. Sun and Jin haven’t seen each other for three years! I was counting on them finally getting back together tonight. What gives? And Jin was delivering money to his own hit man?! Clever, LOST, clever. (Side note: Does anyone else wonder if that restaurant is actually in use? If so, yuck.)

PH: Yes, that was clever. I’m starting to get a little irritated by the fact that all these characters from previous seasons keep popping up. It’s confusing me more than anything.

AT: No-crash Sayid is a total bad ass, BTW.

PH: He’s completely worthless now. But what was he sent to the submarine to do?

AT: Find what they were hiding. Smokey the Locke ‘doesn’t like secrets.’ DESMOND! You’re in the submarine. And you’re the secret weapon? Cra-zy.

PH: Can’t Desmond just live his life with Penny and their little boy?

AT: No, because LOST hates us and wants us all to be miserable. Like how Sun is shot in the belly in no-crash land only to reveal that she’s pregnant. (Tears…)

PH: I can’t argue with that. They pull this sort of shit every season. Last week’s episode was the big one and I’m pretty sure it brought a lot of folks back into the fold like it did with me. I wonder if I can skip the next six episodes without hearing any spoilers. I’d rather sit down on a Saturday afternoon and knock the rest out in one shot.

AT: Dude. Jacob & Man in black episode is only a few weeks away. It’s called “Across the Sea” and that’s what I’m holding out for. If that one sucks, I’ll be in agony.

PH: Eh.

AT: My biggest question: Why wouldn’t Smokey the Locke just carry an unconscious Sun back to his camp? He’s very particular about making sure that everyone with him is there willingly – a flaw in his power perhaps? Or is that what will finally trump good, a certain number of willing followers? He claims to be only three people off his mark, so we’ll find out soon, I’d guess.

PH: Definitely something there. That’s the only bit of this week’s episode that’s keeping me around.