First Details on Nintendo Wii HD Feature Set; Kid Icarus Pack-In?!

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A few weeks ago, Reggie Fils-Aime told me that Nintendo wouldn’t be coming out with new hardware until the company’s internal developers maxed out the capabilities of the current system. Well, apparently, that’s happened.

Anonymous sources say that Nintendo’s set to announce the next generation of its super-successful console in the coming weeks, but the following specs have leaked. Curious as to what Wii HD will be capable of? Keep reading…

Next-gen motion control: Wii HD will be backwards-compatible with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, but also boasts new ways to get your gestures in the game. Players will be able to attach sensors to every limb for ultra-realistic 1:1 motion capture. A long-awaited modern update to the NES Classic Kid Icarus will allegedly use these sensors to capture arm-flapping motions for its flight-based gameplay.

1 TB Hard Drive: Nintendo knows that digital downloads are the way of the future and will be providing tons of storage for such games. The alleged Kid Icarus update will come pre-installed but rumors that you’ll be able to install other operating systems on it are unconfirmed, though.

Voice Recognition: You’ll be able to navigate through your game library and in-game menus simply by speaking to the Wii HD. It will recognize thousands of words thanks to tools supplied by Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.

High-definition projector: Not only will Wii HD output games content in glorious 1080p resolution via an HDMI connection, it will also boast a built-in pico projector to throw up giant-sized video of the games you’re playing. Sources were quoted as saying, “Nintendo thinks you should be able to enjoy Wii HD even if you don’t have a TV.”

If these details are to be believed, Nintendo’s clearly sick of being pegged as the technological runt of the current console litter. We’ll have more on this as it doesn’t develop. Into anything at all.