iPad Content Roundup pt. 2

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Let me apologize in advance for our moderately heavy iPad coverage, but this is what’s popular and actually worth talking about in tech right now.

Apple’s iPad goes on sale this Saturday and details on which apps will be in the App Store at launch are starting to trickle in.

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According to App Advice, Netflix will have a fully functional streaming app and it’s going to be free. You can seamlessly pick up where you left off whether you’re on your computer or iPad. But is there one coming out for the iPhone?

The WSJ is reporting that CBS and ABC are converting shows to be viewable on the iPad. CBS will stream episodes of Survivor with ads through the Safari browser. ABC will have a dedicated iPad app come Saturday. No word on when Apple will put the kibosh on this.

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Hulu is said to be ready to roll with an iPad app that would require a subscription, says the NYT.

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There’s over 1350 iPad apps and they’ve just been leaked. Check out the video to see over 700 or click through to see the rest at App Advice.

And here’s a list of iPad ready Websites:

New York Times
Major League Baseball
The White House
Virgin America
Sports Illustrated
People Magazine